WEBINAR: How to Use Email Marketing and SMS Marketing to Nurture Your Prospects and Increase Your Sales Webinar Overview
  • Why email marketing
  • Platforms
  • Database
  • Types of email campaigns
  • Tips to increase open and click-through rates
  • Why SMS marketing
  • Sms platform
  • Demo
Presenter: Kham Lee Tran is the founder of The Marketing Angel. Kham has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning over 20 years, implementing marketing tactics and strategies, both offline marketing and digital marketing for corporate companies and small businesses.

Since 2019 Kham has ventured into teaching start-ups & small businesses how to do digital marketing themselves, Kham is on a mission to help as many start-ups and small business owners to track their digital marketing knowledge and results fast.

In her free time, Kham loves doing origami which she also turned into a business Origami World.

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