WEBINAR: Amplify Your Online Influence Today your LinkedIn profile can be as powerful as a business card, coffee meeting and website all rolled into one. It’s often the first thing that’s checked when meeting a new client, seeing a speaker at an event, or meeting a new leader.

What are the capabilities that leaders need in this new digital landscape? Today, it’s vitally important to empower leaders to create a sharp, consistent and compelling brand presence on digital channels, with a predominant focus on LinkedIn.

Imagine amplifying your online influence, how would that create a shift in the way you lead, sell and position ideas in your industry? And what is the cost of no social presence?

In this practical workshop, you will learn:
  • Why LinkedIn is one of the most powerful and underutilised tool for creating meaningful connections with potential customers, peers and future talent.
  • Your Profile – The Keys to crafting a persuasive online profile
  • Your Content – How creating authority content will help you to get known as an expert in your industry, and beyond
  • Your Connections – How to cultivate connections to specifically target clients and networks to build your businesses.
Presenter: Kirryn Zerna

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