WEBINAR: Ride-sourcing: Income, expenses and GST Do you provide ride-sourcing services for a fare; working through a platform such as Didi, GoCatch, Ola, Shebah, or Uber?

Do you need more information to help you gather the figures from your platform statements, work out your ride-sourcing deductions, calculate your GST and know where to put all that information in your business activity statement?
This session will help you understand how to:
  •  keep track of your ride-sourcing records
  •  work out your income, deductions and GST
  •  complete your business activity statement.

Come along to this one-hour session where we’ll help understand how to get it right.

This session is the second in the Ridesourcing series and follows on from what you learned in Ride-sourcing and Tax (Sole traders).

Presented by Linden Regina from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) whose My ATO portfolio includes a broad knowledge across taxation and superannuation.

Registration Required.

Video Recording: All workshops via Webinar will be recorded for promotional purposes.