WEBINAR: Creating a YouTube video and channel So you’ve got the message – shoot video! But, what do you do with all these videos?

Google owns YouTube and is in direct competition with Facebook and Vimeo. Hence sharing videos to those platforms won’t get you any Google love for your video content. Therefore in this session we show you how to create a YouTube Channel and plenty of tips for shooting your YouTube ready videos.

Do a Google search on a how to question and the answers are all blogs and videos from YouTube.

  • What is the end purpose of your videos and for having a YouTube channel
  • Tips for shooting video of reasonable quality without breaking the bank
  • Structuring the video
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for video
  • Creating the YouTube channel
  • Embedding the video on your website and other places
  • Repurposing the video
Presenter: Jane Tweedy, Registration Required.

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